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The LINEAL BOTTLE TRAP is designed to fit to the basin first, then lowered into a 40mm diameter DWV pipe, once the pipe has been set to height and internally chamfered and lubricated.  This will save time and hassle on one-man easy installation.  The inlet is offset to allow for connection to basins with a tight pedestal.


  • Flow rate: 50 litres per minute
  • Dimensions: 76mm wide x 200mm high
  • Suitable for basins, bidets, bar sinks, showers, air conditioning tundish and boats. Jewellery and similar small items accidentally dropped into sinks, remain visible and retrievable from the top.
  • Ideal for bathroom renovations - WC waste pipe converts into a shower waste (i.e. change a toilet into a shower). Simply insert the trap inside the existing 100mm pipework (as per bidet installation instructions), thus eliminating the need to jackhammer concrete floors or redo existing stackwork (two storey), to trap a waste pipe.
  • Bidet Installation - The Bottle Trap has no mid-joint nut or bottom-seal nut to aid installation in confined spaces.  It has an offset top and bottom from the central axis to facilitate installation inside a 100mm diameter pipe.  Using standard 100mm x 50mm and 50mm x 40mm reducers, this allows the trap to be installed under bidets that have been set out with 100mm diameter pipes as half the trap can rest below floor level inside the waste pipe.


For Basin Installation

  • Waste page must be well bevelled with a deburr or round file then lubricated before fitting trap.
  • Trap may be fitted to the pipe first and then tightened to the basin or fitted to the basin first, then lowered onto the pipe (especially helpful when pedestal is fully enclosed).
  • Note: Swivel nut only needs to be hand tightened and the "O" ring seal requires 15mm engagement only to allow for easy installation and removal

To Open Trap

Twist to open using a screw driver as a lever

To Reassemble Trap

  • Locate "O" ring on inverted inlet tube
  • Lube the outer housing with liquid soap or similar
  • Fit together and twist (only until the plastic faces meet)

For Bidet Installation

  • The drainage should be set out in 100mm diameter PVC
  • Glue a 100mm x 50mm reducer and a 50mm x 40mm reducer together so the eccentrics are opposite
  • Calculate the height of the reducers and glue them below floor level inside the 100mm diameter pipe
  • Bevel and lubricate the 40mm diameter pipe first and then glue it into position below the floor inside the 100mm diameter pipe
  • Fit the Lineal Trap to the bidet first and lower it over the pipe



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